Appsec Asia

Appsec Asia is a company involved in providing IT-security, specializing in computer, network, and application security system as well as computer software development.


Everyone in your organization
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Appsec Asia

We help solve your most important business problems thoroughly with prepackaged solutions. We help customers meet technology challenges through consulting, application development, cybersecurity, and training.

Since the establishment of Appsec Asia, our company has been trusted with cases at the regional scale. Along with tackling a national level cybersecurity case, we expanded our expertise by working in the US region.


The service we offer
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Cyber Security
We help customers meet cyber security challenges through consulting engagements, Virtual CISO Services, security monitoring, and cyber security product expertise.
Web and Mobile App Development
We design beautiful, and conversion driven websites that represent your brand well to engage with your customers.
Training or Consultant
We are formed by experienced actors in their fields. So in a short time able to gain your trust in training and providing solutions for your business.

Appsec Asia treats every byte of data as a valuable object that requires high-security protection.

—no byte left behind


Our Training and Certification

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